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Legal Managed Services

The expert extension
of your internal team

Leverage platform functionalities

1. The platform adapts to your needs
  • Choose your configuration; in "Business" mode for immediate implementation, or in "Enterprise" mode for a tailor-made platform

  • Define with us our scope of intervention:   full or partial service, full time or punctual

  • Choose a dedicated or shared team

2. Legal data is mapped and valued
  • Catch standardization  via modules managed by our teams

  • Data enrichment  through APIs

  • Mobilization of data via dynamic dashboards

3. Each employee becomes an actor in the legal functions
  • More informed about rules & programs

  • More efficient in its legal and compliance operations

  • More collaborative around legal issues & compliance

4. Your organization is protected as part of its sustainable growth
  • Control the risks

  • Support growth with full compliance & legal certainty

  • Drive the CSR/ESG policy

Optimize your operational efficiency

Flexibility and
Speed of

Simplify your shareholder relations

Each shareholder has access to the information that is useful to him for 

You thus facilitate relations with your shareholders.

Structure your management package and manage its evolution over time: new round, leaver, new financial instruments, your platform adapts to give you an exact view of your organization


The example of Webhelp shareholder management


"Legalcluster allowed me to face the challenges I had identified and was a key player in the success of our operation.

In terms of operational efficiency, this platform has changed the parameters of the file: the processing capacity of the platform has saved us a lot of time and has made it possible to secure many deadlines.

And finally, I now master the information, its qualification and its processing."


Consolidate your POA and follow key dates

All data is consolidated, accessible and exportable in dynamic dashboards to:

- Follow the key dates of the mandates
- Facilitate data auditing, reporting and intelligence at the organization level as well as at the platform level.

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