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Large enterprises: Deploy Legalcluster in your Microsoft solution


Given the strategic dimension of legal data, which must be mobilized for all your company's information systems (CRM, ERP, HR IS), the solution dedicated to legal functions must be in line with your overall strategy.

Legalcluster adapts to the architecture strategy of your information system and has the highest market standards in terms of SaaS for the Enterprise segment

Our architecture is robust and cloud native

Your "cloud-native" platform is based on Azure PaaS services & its creation is automated. We adapt to your cloud strategy: our services can be deployed in your Azure subscription or on an Azure Legalcluster subscription.

cloud infrastructure.png

The Expert Platform version allows you to deploy our services directly within your Azure subscription in order to ensure control of the data as defined at the level of your organization with Microsoft.

The digital transition of your legal and compliance services is therefore part of your organization's platform strategy.

Image by Dan Nelson


Our architecture adapts to your authentication strategy: Azure AD, SAML, OPEN ID

Microsoft Teams App

One of the key elements of the Legalcluster platform is the Microsoft Teams application. This application can be deployed in two ways, either by the user or by the Office365 administrator to all users. 


We are responsible for the operating platform and the monitoring is fully automated

  • We guarantee an availability rate of over 99.5%. 

  • We can provide quarterly availability reporting on request. 

  • If a problem is found with a Microsoft service that impacts our service, we will report the incident to Microsoft, follow up with Microsoft and inform you. 

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