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Legalcluster gives your legal and compliance teams the solutions they need to support your growth and meet your challenges

Your collaborators need to access and contribute to reliable legal data to carry out their activities.

Your organization must be able to justify at all times to supervisory authorities (AFA, CNIL...) its compliance with applicable regulations.

This makes your legal and compliance teams accountable for this legal data.

Legalcluster gives your organization the tools to structure, consolidate, and leverage legal data.


Each data entry in the platform is structured in an adapted interface, in a robust and standardized manner.

Common repositories ensure that entries are secure.

Workflows secure the processes.

Directories allow you to secure the identification of the parties involved in your operations.



All data structured by Legalcluster is made available in reporting, monitoring and alert tools.

In a few clicks, you can access the data and documents held in the associated cluster.

You can, for example, manage all the data related to your contracts, litigation, etc.



We enable the dissemination of this data to allow businesses to access it to increase their compliance.

Thanks to the standardization and consolidation of your legal data in real time, you can also justify it quickly and efficiently to the supervisory authorities.

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