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Manage your ethics and compliance issues. Make it a competitive advantage.

And you secure your organization within the framework
of the Sapin II law

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Manage risks
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Reduce costs
Simplify user journey

Structure, manage & publish your norms
& compliance programs

Our platform allows you to manage your compliance programs, by thematic collections, by views, by hierarchy of standards, etc.

Each employee has access to the elements that are useful to him, regardless of the complexity of your organization.


A quick and simple declaration & validation process

Your employees declare their gifts, invitations, conflicts of interest, sponsorship, etc. in less than two minutes!


Once informed of the policies, the employee enters the necessary information to which he can attach documents and explanations.

The data structure, benchmarks and thresholds are defined in accordance with the applicable program. It is possible  to create as many types of forms as necessary, in order to cover the different policies in use.

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Dynamic mapping of your third parties

Manage your third parties in a platform logic. Each third party has a real dynamic "profile" that can be used in all the routes and which collects all the useful data.

Entrust the screening tasks to a professional with our APIs to our partner solutions.

Each employee accesses their declarations module directly via their home page

The user accesses the module according to his data profile (cluster, company, country, language, etc.) on the web or via Teams.

He can choose the language of the application.


Each employee can receive reminders via the application and receive a notification email to alert them to a change in their declaration or report in the application.

Each collaborator can access his report/declaration history.

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Automatic currency conversion
Multi-layer approval
Data grid
xls & CSV
Unlimited attachments

Find out how Legalcluster secures your organization

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