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Simplify your shareholder relations


Simplify your relationships with your managers


Through his personal space, each manager  :

- Access their information

- Receives his documents for validation and signature;

- Is informed of the different stages

- Access to its archived documents

Each manager structures, controls and shares their personal data in accordance with GDPR regulations.

Structure your management package 


By operation, by circle, by manager… structure your management package and manage its evolution over time:

new round, leaver, new financial instruments, your platform adapts to give you an exact view of your organization. 

Become more efficient


A true collaborative platform, our solution allows players (lawyers, financial advisors, issuers, back office, etc.) to collaborate, communicate and contribute together to data.

Master your data and optimize your back 


All your data is structured in a database, in order to be easily mobilized during operations and in the daily management of the management package.

Master your workflows and gain peace of mind


Our workflow engine, and our integrations with Docusign allow you to secure and manage your validation and signature workflows regardless of their level of complexity.

Collect investment wishes quickly and reliably


Our personalized interfaces are targeted by shareholder populations
It allows you to collect all the investment wishes. The wishes collected may obey minimum and maximum thresholds defined by shareholder.


Control your costs, we support you

All our courses are designed to rationalize the time and actions necessary to manage your management package and therefore its cost.


You don't have a back office? Do you want to be accompanied from time to time? Our experts are at your disposal to assist you

When Legalcluster brings value to a $2.5 billion deal: "Legalcluster was a key player in the success of our operation", Sandrine Asseraf, Managing Director Webhelp,


Concretely, what is the volume of data processed by your cluster?


SA: In fact, it's considerable. To give you an idea of the scope of the subject, today the "manager" data stock structured by our platform represents more than 100,000 personal data collected and processed in compliance with GDPR rules! We generated more than 10,000 documents, including more than 3,000 signed documents. There were more than 9,000 connections to the platform over the duration of the operation. On average, 300 documents were consulted per day, with a peak of more than 1,700 documents on the day of the main closing. It is also through the platform that we managed the entire subscription process.


What value did it bring you?


SA: Legalcluster enabled me to face the challenges that I had identified and was one of the decisive players in the success of our operation. In terms of operational efficiency, this platform has changed the parameters of the file: the processing capacity of the platform has saved us a lot of time and allowed us to secure many deadlines.


And finally, I now master the information, its qualification and its processing.


After a period of adaptation that was ultimately fairly quick, the Legalcluster teams and our advisers worked hand in hand to make the processes ever more efficient and effective in the general interest: lawyers focusing on the core of their added value and Legalcluster providing stewardship. I believe that everyone could only congratulate themselves.

Operational efficiency
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