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Listening to you and supporting you in your digital transformation


Jean-Marie Valentin
CEO - Legalcluster

"Expert in digital transformation, Gold Partner Microsoft and creator of the Legalcluster solution, we structure your platform and your business journeys, based on your Microsoft context, in accordance with your strategy and the challenges of your organization. Our approach involves a project phase and a run phase in "SAAS" or "PAAS" mode depending on the context and the depth of the services subscribed to."

A SaaS platform experience

Manage the compliance topics at scale with Legalcluster Saas platform

Access the platform worldwide and aligne it with your global tech strategy.

Get modular and scalable solutions: Legalcluster is the most rational approach to engage digitalization on the scope you define while paving future evolutions.

Collaborative by nature, Legalcluster is the best way to turn your employees into a strong ethic & compliance community to reinforce your collective security.


A scalable platform

Aerial View of Islands

Legalcluster is structured around topics and business communities with no limit, for a perimeter-based structure, according to your corporate and compliance organization. 


With Legalcluster, you will be able to structure as many “organizations” you want and bring together the right people, data, workflows and services with the right level of settings to deal with relevant topics.


Your central team will see the complete organization and will be able to associate local administrators to a relevant perimeter, based on any attributes of the user identity (Country, company, business, ...).


Administrators will oversee your group, a region, a country, a business or a function, therefore it should be possible to grant administrators right or delete it to their relevant perimeters.


Subject to relevant scoping & settings, administrators will be able to create a form and cluster specific to a region, a country, a Business Units,... and make it available to the employees belonging to the relevant perimeter.

A collaborative approach


Legalcluster journeys are built on “cluster” concept.

A cluster is a collaborative workspace dedicated to a matter, bringing together people, data, documents, activity, workflows, dates, services.

Clusters are the best way to collaborate on a matter; to manage the log, approvals and signatures, to collect data and documents, and to envision milestones & key dates.


Clusters are structured on demand to match matter type specificities and internal rules of governance.


Based on our experience and your expectations, we’re going to structure and set up together during the project phase, your cluster types library to match your different topics.

Built on a collaborative workspaces experience, the parties involved and people in charge both contribute to data and collaborate over the time, in a permanent, stable and structured context.

A focus on experience, authentication, and governance

Based on a community approach, Legalcluster structures users profile to enrich legal data & journeys.

Each employee’s account is created automatically. Each employee has access to his profile. 


A user profile contains:

  • Professional position

  • Branch

  • Business Unit

  • Geographical area

  • Legal entity

  • Manager

  • Compliance officer

  • Skills, etc.

Depending of our clients’ data quality, these informations can be incremented in Legalcluster’s edit mode or via third party solutions (Microsoft AD, SIRH, etc.) with API.


User can access these data easily and modify the one he’s accountable for.

Legalcluster is GDPR by design.


A platform optimizing operational efficiency
by leveraging legal data intelligence 

Whatever the number of organizations, users or legal entities you need in your platform, all your referential, data, workflows, services are accessible on the same platform.
They are governed by the same protocols to facilitate workflow automatisation at scale, navigation, search & reporting and data intelligence.


By mutualizing assets at platform level, Legalcluster rationalizes data, operating efficiency and costs for your organization. 

Subject to scoping & settings, each administrator will be able to, on his relevant perimeter:


  • See reporting data on the forms: completion rate, date launched, timeframe for the data collection campaign, etc.

  • Create KPI dashboards and consolidation on his relevant perimeters.

Group Compliance will be able to consolidate the various levels of consolidated data (filtering across various criteria).

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A platform consistent with your IT standards
to facilitate deployment and adoption

We are Microsoft Gold Partner.

Our technology is approved and supported by Microsoft, deployable at scale, and accessible worldwide with the highest level of security and performance.

Legalcluster services are deployable both within our own Azure subscription or into our clients’ one, to ensure the best level of authentication, data hosting, services availability, support and security.

Legalcluster adjusts to your Information System architecture strategy and achieves the highest market standards in SaaS for the Enterprise segment.

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