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Manage and distribute your norms and policies effectively


When the normative "corpus" becomes complex and evolving, the documentary approach is no longer sufficient.

Each document "encloses" its content in a logic of its own, whereas the normative corpus is intended to be a coherent and homogeneous set of rules, classified in hierarchical, thematic or geographical order, etc. 

Furthermore, the uses of the norm require matrix navigation to find the right information, and versioned navigation to know the status of the norm at any given moment.

Finally, the constraints of the regulators require a real "audit trail" of the changes in the body of norms.

It is in response to these challenges that we have created the norms governance journey.

Provide your collaborators with optimized access to their compliance programs and policies

Our platform allows you to highlight all the elements that make up your compliance programmes, by thematic collections, by views, by hierarchy of norms, etc.

Each collaborator has access to the elements that are useful to him or her, regardless of the complexity of your organization.


Digitalize your "programs" in a database
to make them easier to use 


Mobilise your norm with metadata and referentials

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Navigate through versions and compare content

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Manage the norm and secure your trail audits with an operational tool without the assistance of your IT department

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