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Optimize the operational efficiency of your legal, ethics & compliance team

And secure your organization in a sustainable way

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Centralize legal, ethics and compliance management
of your organization

The user accesses the module according to his data profile (cluster, company, country, language, etc.) on the web or via Teams.

He can choose the language of the application.


Each employee can receive reminders via the application and receive a notification email to alert them of a change or its report in the application.

Each employee can access their activity history.

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  • Manage and disseminate applicable standards,

  • Centralize and process relevant data,

  • Answer up to 77% of AFA questions by mobilizing data


Standardize and speed up approval processes

Map your third parties and your risks

Detect failures in one click


Reduce the time spent on your compliance declarations by 80%

Reduce your external legal expenses by 7% to 15%

Cut the time spent by your executives on their legal operations in half

Accelerate deployment & adoption

Legalcluster matches the architecture of your information system and carries the highest standards on the market in terms of SaaS for the Enterprise segment

Legalcluster modules allow you to 
control your organization, in the service of its sustainable growth

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Manage your subsidiaries and holdings

Manage the news and the mandates of each of your subsidiaries and holdings.

Consolidate the data into the appropriate form.

Each legal entity has its identity card which carries the useful information to carry out the legal operations which concern it: teams, documents (like the KBIS), POAs, perimeters, etc.


Simplify your shareholder relations

Each shareholder has access to the information that is useful to him for 

You thus facilitate relations with your shareholders.

Structure your management package and manage its evolution over time: new round, leaver, new financial instruments, your platform adapts to give you an exact view of your organization


Consolidate your delegations of power and follow key dates

All data is consolidated, accessible and exportable in dynamic dashboards to:

- Follow the key dates of the mandates
- Facilitate data auditing, reporting and intelligence at the organization level as well as at the platform level.

Save valuable time for your employees, while ensuring their legal security as well as that of your organization.


Structure, manage & publish your norms
& compliance programs

Our platform allows you to manage your compliance programs, by thematic collections, by views, by hierarchy of standards, etc.

Each employee has access to the elements that are useful to him, regardless of the complexity of your organization.


Collaborative and secure contract management

Manage your contracts collaboratively with all stakeholders (with your lawyers, if applicable).
Approve and sign your contracts easily. Manage your risks.
Consolidate data for your reports.


Manage your lawyers panels

- Request an offer from your lawyers

- Get several offers, compare them and choose the one that best suits your expectations and your budget

- Save time by centralizing your  requests and responses

- Apply your purchasing policies and  your templates

- Manage the compliance procedures of your customer / supplier relationships

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