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Manage your ethics and compliance issues. Make it a competitive advantage.

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Respond effectively to the requirements of the Sapin II Law and make your ethics and compliance issues a competitive advantage

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In 2020, only 33% of companies were in compliance with the so-called Sapin II law while, according to a study by Ethicorp and the AFJE, company managers estimated that the average risk of sanction by the French Anticorruption Agency (AFA) was 285,000 euros!

The impact of the AFA sanction, which goes up to €2,500,000 or double the profit generated by the non-compliance,  also impacts the confidence of customers and employees, and can be accompanied by a potential ban on participating in markets.

The only way to ensure compliance across your group is a platform solution.

The example of the declaration of conflicts of interest with Legalcluster

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The declaration forms offer a very simple user experience and offer the possibility of:


Summarize the principles of your policy or code of conduct

Insert a link to the documents or web pages of your choice

Indicate to the user the mandatory information to be filled in

Inform Third Parties from a repository to avoid input errors and keep clean data

Guide the user through the declaration steps

Responses to this form result in a conflict risk score and an associated recommendation.

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The declaration has been submitted.
People in charge are notified and can take the lead.


It must be noted that the declarant keeps full and permanent access to his clusters to follow the process and contribute more if required.

The created cluster is automatically set-up within the related organization back-office in order for compliance officer to have a full and sythetic view of the activity in its perimeter.

Declaration of gifts with Legalcluster

Accelerate platform adoption
via integrated email campaigns

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Via the platform, send email campaigns to your employees to remind them to make their compliance declarations.
In one click, they access the declaration form.
> Follow the opening and the actions on the emails sent.

> Follow the status of declarations made post email.

> Easily send reminders to only those who haven't taken action.

Digitize your registers and maps

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Consolidate data in dynamic and intelligent monitoring tables.

Mobilize the information you need and export it to CSV or Excel.​

Be prepared in case of scrutiny by regulatory authorities.

Automatic currency conversion
Multi-layer approval
Data grid
xls & CSV
Unlimited attachments

Discover in one minute
how Legalcluster is going to 

secure your compliance declaration processes 

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