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Manage your Powers Of Attorney


Quickly access key POA management actions

POA dashboard.png

Easily add new delegations of authority

Manage the latest changes

Consolidate, sort, export your data

Look for delegations in your global directory

Look for delegations in the directory of delegates

Manage signatures

Manage validations

Be notified as key dates approach

It all starts with the profile...

All collaborators benefit from an extended profile that identifies them as participants in your legal and compliance functions.

... which is enriched as the activity progresses...

Whether the collaborator is attached to a new entity or has been granted a new delegation of authority or new mandate, the profile is enriched with this information and makes it possible to mobilize the collaborator in the event of a need in the community.

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 17.47.00.png

Data is consolidated in registers
to be analyzed and audited

POA dashboard.png

Data is consolidated into a dashboard to facilitate data auditing, reporting and intelligence at the organization level as well as at the platform level.

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