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Collaborate to increase your operational efficiency

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Alerts and notifications - Shared agenda - Documentation automation - Third party mapping

In an increasingly complex, risky and competitive environment...

- Your businesses and communities need to collaborate on their legal and compliance issues to meet their objectives.

- Your legal functions are evolving from support functions to business partners.

By basing legal and compliance digitalization on collaboration, Legalcluster helps you meet these challenges.

For each activity
a collaborative cluster!

Legalcluster is above all a user-centred platform based on collaborative uses.

Each topic (contract management, project management, M&A operations, declaration of conformity) can be addressed through a specifically structured collaboration space.

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Collaborate on the core elements of your projects
Teams involved

Legal team

Business team


Useful data







Related services

Validation workflow

Signature workflow

Documentation automation

Alerts & notifications

Optimize collaboration with third parties

Legalcluster is THE solution for secure and efficient interactions with your third parties, whether they are suppliers, clients, lawyers or partners.

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The transformation of the legal and compliance functions must take into account the ecosystems in which the organization evolves in order to be efficient, rational and cost effective. This conviction is one of the foundations of Legalcluster's approach.

Map your
third parties
within dedicated channels
specific journeys

Legalcluster x Microsoft Teams:
The best of collaboration


If your organization has chosen Teams as its central collaboration solution, Legalcluster enhances this arrangement with the relevant data and services to address the legal and compliance issues of your business, while allowing you to take full advantage of Microsoft's collaborative capabilities.


"We see Legalcuster as a particularly credible and promising partner in both its technological and transformational dimensions for the legal and compliance functions. We are happy to accompany them in their growth"

Anthony Virapin, Director Startup & ISV Recruit Business Unit

Learn more about our cluster concept

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We have developed the concept of the legal "cluster", which has been taken up by our Legalcluster brand. This concept is based on an ecosystemic approach to the legal function and on a research programme to digitally translate this approach.

We have made the assumption that any legal function is composed of data, internal and external expertise and workflows serving a client. We call this composite reality a "cluster".

Therefore, each client, each person, each department, each entity, is likely to have its own legal clusters, mobilising around its activities, the data, expertise and workflows necessary to perform the legal functions that meet its needs.


According to this approach, each person within the company is called upon to have his or her own cluster; each department of the company, and the company itself, will have its own cluster, consisting of data, internal and external expertise and workflows, regardless of the complexity of its organization.

It should be understood that this ecosystemic vision, which is the subject of SMH's research, marks an extremely credible, innovative alternative to the current organizational models of international law firms. On the one hand, it allows users of the legal function to save time and money by having quick access to information and services and on the other hand it allows each contributor of the legal function to provide a faster and more reliable service, evaluating its place and its added value in these ecosystems.

This innovative alternative is all the more credible as it is largely desired by many stakeholders.

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