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What if you put your legal, ethical and compliance functions at the service of your ESG strategy?

The virtuous circle of digitizing legal departments 
and CSR objectives.

In its latest study, the European Company Lawyers association 78% of legal departments consider that properly digitized legal departments are advantaged in the management of ESG projects 

95% of legal departments who have observed that ESG has an accelerating effect on their digitization goals consider that properly digitized legal departments are at the forefront of legal management of ESG projects.


Legalcluster's DNA allows you to actively participate in the United Nations Global Goals

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Sur vos déclarations de conformité
Sur vos équipes juridiques, éthiques et conformité
UN Goal #8: Access to decent jobs

Legalcluster improves the working conditions of employees and other stakeholders by securing them in their daily actions and transforming them into virtuous professional communities, the foundation of any sustainable growth strategy.


UN Goal #9 Innovation & Infrastructure

Legalcluster is an innovative platform strategy that meets the highest standards of security and sustainability.


UN Goal #12: Responsible Drinking

By platforming the legal, ethics and compliance functions, Legalcluster makes it possible to rationalize the use of its functions and reduce their cost.

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UN Goal #13: Climate action

By platforming collaboration around legal, ethical and compliance issues, Legalcluster allows you to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of these activities.


UN Goal #16: Justice & Peace

Legalcluster facilitates access to the law

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