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Manage your organization with Legalcluster

And secure your organization in a sustainable way

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Faîtes ainsi gagner un temps précieux à vos collaborateurs, tout en assurant leur sécurité juridique ainsi que celle de votre organisation.


Structure, manage & publish your norms
& compliance programs

Our platform allows you to manage your compliance programs, by thematic collections, by views, by hierarchy of standards, etc.

Each employee has access to the elements that are useful to him, regardless of the complexity of your organization.


Collaborative and secure contract management

Manage your contracts collaboratively with all stakeholders (with your lawyers, if applicable).
Approve and sign your contracts easily. Manage your risks.
Consolidate data for your reports.


Manage your lawyers panels

- Request an offer from your lawyers

- Get several offers, compare them and choose the one that best suits your expectations and your budget

- Save time by centralizing your  requests and responses

- Apply your purchasing policies and  your templates

- Manage the compliance procedures of your customer / supplier relationships

Assurez une adoption maximale de la solution grâce à notre intégration avec Microsoft Teams

One of the key elements of the Legalcluster platform is the Microsoft Teams application. This application can be deployed in two ways, either by the user or by the Office365 administrator to all users. 

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