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The deployment

Declarations of ethics and compliance imply that all your employees become contributors.

The technological impact is felt at your company's level and can sometimes challenge your Tech team. However, sometimes legal and compliance teams can be blamed for this slowdown.

To respond to this, our teams have built a platform in close collaboration with Microsoft, of which we are one of the only Gold Partners in the field of Legal Tech.

Our architecture is robust and cloud-native; your platform is based on Azure PaaS services, and its creation is automated, allowing a quick and secure deployment.

Hosting at Legalcluster in Europe or within your environment ensures data security that meets the highest standards on the market.

This architecture also allows the mobilization of legal data in all of your company's information systems, like the CRM, ERP, or your HR IS.

What if your legal data finally took its place as a growth accelerator?

Discover the benefits of our partnership with Microsoft here.

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