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Obligations imposed by the Sapin II law confront legal & compliance services with a triple challenge.

First of all, a community issue. It is now all your employees who become the actors. They require the provision of standardized, transparent, and shared rules.

A responsibility issue then, each employee must have the tools enabling him to assume responsibility for the perimeter incumbent on him in his possession.

Finally, a coherence issue, the legal data produced by your organization must be consolidated and analyzed to meet the controls of the regulatory authorities.

We have developed a SaaS and modular platform specially dedicated to midcaps and the most complex organizations.

The platform logic makes it possible to structure the reporting process, standardize data collection, and to be able to generate analyzes thanks to a back-office updated in real-time.

The data is hosted in your Azure environment (or in ours) to ensure the highest security standards and perfect data reversibility (see here our article on the deployment of the solution).

What if you took back control of your legal data?

Find out which plan fits your needs here.


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