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Image by Floriane Vita

Join the legal services and law sector

In a world of increasing complexity where legal risk is increasing, where legal matters have become a weapon of economic war and the quality of legal services a competitive advantage, we affirm the need to bring together the players in the legal services industry and law in an economic sector approach.

The players in this sector are facing major changes to which they must respond quickly if they want to effectively meet the long term expectations of users of the law. These changes affect all aspects of their activities: customer relations, skills, organizations, economic models, digital strategies, services, innovation, international projection, risk management and financing. These changes call for an ambitious, organized and coordinated market approach, respecting the interests and statutes of each of its members.


A sector, within the meaning of the Future Investment Plan (PIA), is at the same time a tool of sovereignty, competitiveness, an accelerator of sectoral transformation, growth, job creation and innovation.

The Legal Services and Law Sector covers and organizes a real strategic "industry" representing more than 31.1 billion euros or 1.3% of the GDP of France, unites the energies of its members (without inhibiting competition) in compliance with the statutes of each of the participating professions and facilitates collaboration with other sectors, to meet their needs in legal services.

Within this movement (initiated in particular by Legalcluster) we wish to create a sector at the national level, which can then be structured at European level and shine internationally. The French legal services and law sector, through the excellence of its players and their experience rooted in a strong legal tradition, must play a decisive role.

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