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Eleven minutes

On average, each of your employees spends the equivalent of eleven minutes per week making their compliance declarations to enable you to remain compliant with the obligations of the Sapin 2 law. So, if, like our clients, you have between five and a hundred thousand employees, the time lost is enormous. Therefore, the solution is to start by automating these processes.

Legalcluster has developed a SaaS platform with journeys adapted to your business lines, such as declarations of gifts and invitations, conflicts of interest, sponsorship, etc.

The platform's modularity helps meet immediate needs, while its platform experience sets the stage for your future goals.

But a digital solution only works if everyone adopts it.

In general, the traditional response involves more training or hiring qualified staff. Legalcluster makes it possible to overcome this obstacle.

Being Microsoft Gold Partners, our courses are directly accessible through Microsoft Teams, allowing each employee to stay in their usual workspace.

What if declarations of compliance were the first step in transforming your legal functions?

Configure your Legalcluster platform here


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