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Privacy Policy – Legalcluster

In order to allow you to make informed decisions concerning the processing of your personal data, this policy transparently outlines how we manage the data you choose to enter into Legalcluster. This document also includes a detailing of your rights and our contact information, should you wish to pose any questions regarding our current data processing policies.

This policy takes into account the normative evolutions within European regulation 2016/679/EU of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and in the European Parliament and Council Directive 2016/680/EU of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data transposed into French law by law n° 2018-493 of 20 June 2018 on the protection of personal data.

Legalcluster is a collaborative platform mobilizing internal and external customer ecosystems, data structuring and business workflows. Legalcluster accelerates the transformation of legal, ethical and compliance functions.

Legalcluster can be used through its dedicated website as well as through Microsoft TEAMS. The consumption of Legalcluster through TEAMS facilitates the use of the application. Each cluster can be attached to a specific TEAMS channel in order to better structure and organize its business data.

  1. What types of data do we collect and process?

    1. The personal data that we collect are data which you have given us during your inscription to our platform and during the completion of your profile.

    2. Regarding data collected via our commercial partnerships with external parties, we assure our Members that these third-party providers have been selected specifically with the protection of your data in mind. The following table contains all such third-party actors and the processing of your data which takes place as apart of these partnerships:

      NameActivityData processed by LegalclusterPurpose of the processing

      StripeOnline payment platformData you provide during online payment are automatically sent to our service provider, which maintains a privacy wall between European and US customers. Only data on your identity (name, email address), which you give us when you sign up for our platform, are stored internally by Legalcluster.Verify the identity of clients in order to accept payment to grant them access to our products.

      IntercomCustomer service chat platformAll data are securely stored and analyzed by our partner. Our services may be required to request specific information directly from our partner only if it is necessary for the provision of our services.Collection of user sentiment and requests for assistance in order to improve the quality of our services.

      Google AnalyticsWeb service to help understand user behavior on our siteThe program uses 3 javascript libraries: gtag.js, analytics.js, ga.jsCreation of internal statistical reports in order to improve the quality of our services

      HotjarIntermediate platform for analyzing user behaviorNo personal data whatsoever is collected by Hotjar; nor by Legalcluster. Only general user trends are collected.Analyze user behavior on our platform

      LinkedInSocial network for professional purposesOnly a “token” authorizing user connection via LinkedIn is received by our systems. No used access credential is collected, nor is any other data about your LinkedIn profile collected or processed by our systems.Reinforce the credibility of profiles on our platform

      Data collected through the processes detailed above are part of internal analyses designed to improve our services and to augment internal statistics. Legalcluster neither sells nor rents your information to third-party companies.

    3. To verify our commercial partners’ conformity and acquire more information concerning the guaranties they make regarding data privacy, we include the following table of links to these partners’ own privacy policies. Legalcluster assumes no responsibility for these partners’ data processing practices. For additional information, consult the following links.

      Name & Guaranties provided by our partners concerning their personal data processing practices

      StripeSecurity and Privacy Policy:

      IntercomPrivacy policy:

      Google AnalyticsPrivacy Policy:

      HotjarPrivacy Policy:

      LinkedInSecurity and Privacy

  2. How are your data collected and stored by our services?

    1. All data thusly collected by our company are stored in our Microsoft database situated within the European Union (in France).

      If you’d like to obtain more information concerning Microsoft’s privacy policy, click on the following link:

    2. Processed data are kept internally before destruction. The duration of data retention is limited to the duration necessary for the provision of our services. For acts with probative value, this retention period is the mandatory statutory period, plus one year. In the absence of legal obligations for retention, data will be retained until the end of contractual relations, plus one year.

  3. How are data collected by our partners processed?

    1. The protection of personal data collected and processed internally by our commercial partners depends on the security and privacy policies and practices of these partners. To verify their commitments to data privacy, we invite you to follow the links in the above table.

    2. Seeing as the sharing of data with the aforementioned third-parties may result in extra-European data flows, our team has researched to ensure that these partners have implemented high levels of data protection. This protection comes from a combination of robust information security practices and contractual clauses which conform to relevant current legislation.

  4. What rights to you retain over your personal data?

    1. Due to applicable legislation, you retain several rights concerning your personal data processed by Legalcluster:

      1. The right to access your personal data;

      2. The right to correct, modify, or delete data which are no longer current;

      3. The right to object to or limit the processing of your personal data;

      4. The right to obtain a copy of your personal data Legalcluster has collected from our data processing officer in a structured format, up-to-date and machine-readable in order to be able to transfer them to any other data processing officer.

    2. Even if data have been requested to be modified or deleted, we may retain them should we encounter a legal obligation or a legitimate justification to do so.

    3. Personal data collected after an individual’s death are not within the purview of these rights. At the same time, you retain the right to dictate, before your death, directions defining the fate of your personal data.

    4. We remind you that you retain the possibility to deactivate your Legalcluster account, online and at any time.

  5. Our data privacy principles

    Legalcluster assures the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data thanks our cloud provider: Microsoft Azure. The Azure environment is renowned for its excellent security measures.
    Nevertheless, you remain responsible for the secrecy of your passphrase. Besides the ability to choose a secure passphrase, it is imperative that you keep it secret and avoid communicating it to other users or any other third-party.

  6. Our cookie policy

    Seville More Helory alerts its user to the fact that, in creating user statistics in order to propose services and products personalized to your needs, our platform uses cookies. These are small text files stored on your hard-drive which save technical data about your navigation on our site from the computer on which these text files are stocked. In no instance are these cookies intended to collect or exploit personal information either on your computer or that you’ve entered into the site.

    Within our platform, these cookies may take one of three forms: functional cookies necessary for the normal operation of our site, for which you cannot withdraw consent; and analysis and marketing cookies, both of whose parameters can be modified by you. Your consent to these cookies is valid during the legal limit of 13 months, after which we will ask you to renew your consent

    If you do not wish to allow cookies and/or wish to revoke your consent to the use of cookies, you retain the right to deactivate them at any time via your browser’s privacy settings. Below are the links to various browsers’ settings pages:


    Internet Explorer:

  7. How to contact us

    For any questions about Legalcluster’s privacy policies, or to learn more about its operation, consult our Terms of Service (link). For any other subject, you may contact us with your question accompanied by a piece of identification:

    1. By mail to the following address:

      Seville More Helory
      16 Cours Albert 1er
      75008 PARIS

    2. By email, with your request in the subject line, at the following address:

  8. Referral to the website of your national data protection authority

    For any other questions on data protection and relevant current legislation, we direct you to the website of the European Commission ( , which contains information on your rights under GDPR as well as links to national data protection authorities.

    For clients residing outside Europe, below you will find links to other national authorities:

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