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Legalcluster. Le cockpit juridique de vos collaborateurs

Large enterprises' employees spend 5% to 20% of their time on legal and compliance tasks.

Our goal is to divide this time by two.



your operational efficiency



Legal culture



legal data



your digital transformation

Give each of your employees a collaborative, personalized and secured legal workspace

Our theme based suite, along with our modular journeys answer to your immediate needs while preparing for tomorrow's challenges


Donnez-leur les outils pour mettre en oeuvre
vos politiques de conformité

Déclarations FR.png

- Facilitez l'accès aux déclarations

- Accélérez le traitement des demandes

- Centralisez et monitorez les demandes

- Téléchargez rapidement les données en cas de contrôle

Pilotez votre donnée et sécurisez votre organisation !

- Gérez et diffusez les normes applicables,

- Centralisez et traitez les données pertinentes,

- Cartographiez vos tiers,

- Cartographiez vos risques,

- Préparez efficacement les audits potentiels des autorités de contrôle.


Legalcluster is the first Legal Management Platform, SaaS and modular, designed for the most demanding companies and organizations.

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Sandrine Asseraf

"Legalcluster provides new solutions to the challenges that digitization brings to our legal functions"
Sandrine Asseraf, ‍Group Managing Director Webhelp

Image by Verne Ho

The more you use Legalcluster
The greater the ROI

ROI Legalcluster

Whatever type of Legalcluster platform you choose, its use and the number of users are unlimited. The more Legalcluster is deployed in your organization, the more you benefit from it.

How does Legalcluster save time for your executives?

What savings does Legalcluster generate for your compliance statements?

Get your savings levels for your external legal expenses

Legalcluster calculators have an educational dimension. Data is based on customer feedback and results are not contractual

Microsoft Gold Partner:
for a perfect integration into your IT environment

Legalcluster adapts to your Information System architecture strategy and achieves the highest market standards in terms of SaaS for the Enterprise segment

Microsoft Teams Legalcluster
via MS Teams
with MS Azure
Microsoft Gold Partner Legalcluster
Highest IT
security standards
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